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13th and 14th October 2021


The Together Against Stigma (TAS) conference is a biannual event organized under the auspices of the World Psychiatric Association.

It serves as an international platform to share the latest developments, research outcomes and best practices.

Lectures and workshops


Conference tracks



Healthy mindsets towards a healthier planet

Stigma jeopardizes the promotion of mental health and wellbeing. The ability to build and maintain mental well-being can help individuals to overcome even the most difficult life situations; and vice versa, a lack of mental well-being can generate distress even in favorable situations. With a highly globalized world largely influenced by consumerism, we are all too often subjected to chasing after materials and lifestyle that bring only temporary relief, rather than fostering longer-term promotion of internal resources. Consumerism in turn threatens larger scale planetary health, offsetting the ecosystem that keeps us alive and thriving. It is timely to revisit the drivers of human consumption and of skewed attitudes to mental health in order to build a future that works to buttress wellbeing and mental health. We need a better mindset for a healthy planet, and tackling stigma is a key step to achieving better outcomes for the global population.


Mental health at workplace

Mental health in schools

Stigma and lived experience

Anti-stigma initiatives globally

Stigma in health and social care

Stigma in addictions

Stigma in minorities

Stigma in central and eastern Europe


For the online Together Against Stigma 2021 Prague Conference will be available soon.
Number of bursaries will be available

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